Monday, November 29, 2010

A huge thank you......

Thank you to EVERYONE who made it out to Nietzsche's on Saturday night. The Etchings took the win in the first quarterfinal of the Artvoice Boom competition. We have some video footage from the other night up on our YouTube channel.

Thanks to the other bands, Lower Town Trio, Social Scientists, and Autopunch for their great performances.

The Etchings will be playing at Broadway Joe's on Wednesday December 8th. Stay tuned for more details.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vote For The Etchings!

It's that time of the year, and The Etchings need your support! Today is the last day to vote for The Etchings in the first round of the Artvoice Boom concert series, so cast your vote now, and tell all your friends! But please only vote once; we like to play fair. And be sure to check next weeks issue of Artvoice to see where we stand in the running. Thank you!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


The Etchings will be playing on Saturday the 30th at
700 Main in Buffalo.
It's going to be a halloween show.
Also, we are a part of this.
check that out.
Anyway, we've got a lot of stuff
we're working on right now.
New Songs, Refurbishing a proper studio,
More gigs, Working on a website,
Capitalizing everything after a comma,
Drinking pounders
with Nick
in a

Night All,

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Music Is Art In Retrospect

Wow. That was surreal. Fun. Crazy. Thanks Everybody!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Music Is Art

It's very short notice, but it looks like we will be playing the MUSIC IS ART festival on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11th around 9:00pm. Should be a fun time. I'm pretty excited to see some of the acts I may have missed in our local music scene. See you there!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Routine Maintenence

Well, our show at Mohawk was very successful. A "Thank You" needs to be said to everyone that came out and had a good time, Coterie Of Stern, A Hotel Nourishing (you guys rocked), Nick at the bar, and the guy who poured heart and soul into the lighting (unfortunately his name escapes me at the moment.) THANK YOU. Can't wait to play Mohawk again!

(Photo credit goes to Mike L.)

If you haven't already, add us on facebook if you would like to. That is usually the first place we announce things, and we like to make an event page for every show we play. Like this one.
Which reminds me, we are
We hope to see you there.

If you haven't already seen these, we made commercials for our upcoming performance... we think they're pretty entertaining... what do you think?

Hmmm... this is a very link filled entry... in keeping with the style of this post, here are some other links that might be of interest:
The Sleepy Sparrows (Jesse's other project)
Nietzche's (The Etchings' next venue)

More to come later.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 26th @ Mohawk

We're very excited to announce that we will be playing a show August 26th at Mohawk place, with some very talented musicians that like to call themselves A Hotel Nourishing (check them out here and also with Coterie Of Stern (it's their first live performance ever in the history of the world.)

The doors of the Mohawk place will open at 7pm and the first band (CoS) will go on stage at approximately 8 o clock. It's gonna be 5 bucks at the door.

We will be premiering a few new songs that we are all really stoked about. It's gonna be a great night.

-Etchmaster Flex

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Travesties of Modern Living

The Etchings forgot about blogs for a long time. Sorry. In that time, we've managed to write three new songs, and we're gearing up for some more shows coming in the fall. As it turns out, the Summer is not our season.

No, no one in the band has been preoccupied with solo projects. In fact, we as a group frown upon such things. We don't allow each other to do anything outside of the band- smooth, being a stunt man.

We can't control everything, though we try.... though we try. It has been a long summer, and the blue corn moon has been on the rise. We have tried to paint with all the colors of the wind, but so far we only have cerulean.

In layman's terms, we have new songs, the old songs sound better, and we have shows coming soon. If you've been tuning out on a regular basis, be sure to download our Sketchings EP from iTunes, and see us play live any chance you get. Or you will be full of regret.

We are sweaty. We are ready. We will see you soon.



Ben's turn:

Many of the things Nick is saying are true. The Blue corn moon is, in fact, out in full form. We've got three new tunes that will melt your face off, and our old/still pretty new songs are sounding better than ever. We do have a show coming up, I promise... but our handlers wont let us release the details just yet. Also, some of the things Nick said are not true. Jesse has been working on a project called "The Sleepy Sparrows" and I have been working on a project called "stuck at sea" and rocco has been playing at stillwater... but, mainly, we as a band want you to pay attention to The Etchings because it is painting with all the colors of the wind. Goodnight.

Love Ben.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Etchings YouTube Channel.....

The Etchings, Mo Faux, and Erin Kelly and Friends rocked out at The Hairy Lemon in Fredonia this past Thursday night, but we here know you're itching for proof.

Check out The Etchings new You Tube Channel, chock-full of low-res, mediocre-audio-videos from the bands debut full-length-electric performance.

Remember, we'll be at Nietzsche's in Allentown on the 27th. Brant will fill you in on the details.


The Etchings

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Now on iTunes!

Check out Sketchings..........less than a five spot on iTunes.....

Monday, January 25, 2010


The ETCHINGS will be making their W.N.Y debut performance at the Hairy Lemon with select featured acts. In the meantime, please enjoy The Etchings music. There are CD's available at Terrapin Station and Wish-berry.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The Etchings will join Mo Faux and friends to host a night of music soon in Fredonia, NY. Links and details soon to follow.

Full band photo!

New audio stuff will be popping up on MySpace, and our heavy-duty Facebook with audio-player page (no one seems to be able to figure out where the audio player is though- and in all honesty, we're having a hard time too.)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Twenty Miles Out, now available on itunes.....

Nick Randall's debut full-length album is now available on itunes!
Nick Randall - Twenty Miles Out - The Stars Always Add Up to Nothing

Saturday, January 16, 2010


1.16.10. Blend. Drums/Bass.

Monday, January 11, 2010

CDs Available!!

Hey everybody,

Ben here...

The Etchings' debut 4 track E.P. (...smaller than a full-length album but 2 to 4 times as large as a single...) titled "Sketchings" is now available. Jesse and Rocco handled the production, while Nick and I did the artwork and possibly some other things that escape me at the moment. We are all very proud of "Sketchings," and we want you to hear it as soon as possible. For those of you that have been paying attention, you can already hear the first half of the album on our Spacebook. The track listing goes something like this:

1. Something In The Air
2. Hibernate
3. EmmaWho
4. The Stars Always Add Up To Nothing

And the front of the music container looks like this:

If you're like me, you're into the idea of actually owning something tangible that you can collect, show to your friends, and bury in the dirt for archeologists to dig up thousands of years from now. For people like us, the best place to get a hold of this disc would be at any one of The Etchings' upcoming shows (check back soon for exact times and locations, we promise to keep you updated). If you're extremely impatient, also like me, or if you're just not a fan of live music, good times, and social interaction... then I suppose you could buy it from the interweb HERE...yeah, I think that should work. It's totally worth it; some day these will be rare.

So anyway, if you find yourself sitting in front of the computer not knowing what to type in, check out our music. ...and please feel free to let us know what you think. We'd love nothing more.

We're sure you'll like it.

Take care, and don't ever let the man get you down.

The Shortcomings of Guerilla Marketing

Here we are, a Sunday night in Buffalo. Temp about 1 degree, high winds. We're trying to seek out any open "venues," though the better word would be avenues by which we can get our music loud.

Off the top of our heads we thought Neitchze's, Mohawk Place, Soundlab, and Mr. Goodbar. We're not quite honky-tonk to fit the bill at most other places.

We got press kits to a couple of those places. Snow does not mix well with press kits. And they honestly weren't kits quite yet either- I'm still on a mission to find black matte paper folders to hold all of this stuff.

The Etchings decided it would be as good a time as ever for our newest EP to get some play on college radio. The above photograph depicts our subzero walk to the closed radio station. We even tried to smoosh a CD under the door. I guess there is a reason for the post office after all.

Classic band-day guerilla marketing schemes. Our "photo session" fell through.....we even had plan B and C lined up, and when they all collapsed we just laughed about it. If you've seen our myspace, you would notice that there are four shadowy figures. Even we can't figure out who's who in that one.....
When I lived in Boston, every musician told me I needed to have business cards, or I would never become a successful musician. I immediately ordered 1500. Color: bone. Text: black, rubbery, and raised above the surface. I had arrived.

Shortly thereafter, I moved into a closet sized room in Jamaica Plain where I worked as a dog-walker. It was hot as hell, and I needed something to prop the window open while I installed my air-conditioner. The cardboard box of business cards was the perfect fit.

Somehow I managed to get the air conditioner in the window, and during the final steps of sealing off the sides, I pushed the entire box of business cards on to a lower roof of the building.
I had no immediate recourse, as I did not want to overstep my boundaries while living in a new place nor did I want to expose myself as a moron- I was sort of a live in "caretaker" for the pets, and the building. So I left them. I figured, "Eh, next quiet day I'll go get a ladder. No big deal."

But as we all do, I forgot. And it rained. And it blew. And it rained some more. And it dried.

The box disintegrated, and somehow 1500 of my business cards were carried by weather across Jamaica Plain, to Brighton, the North End, and on throughout infinity. I tried to collect as many as I could find, but of the 1500 I actually located about 70.

When I walked the dogs, somehow everyone knew my name. They asked my why I was so fiercely aggressive in my guerilla marketing tactics. They asked what kind of music I liked. I just played along.

In this age of "going green" it was probably not the happiest of accidents for the sidewalks of Boston. But it was only paper; God only knows, guerilla marketing works in strange and mysterious ways....

If Kurt Vonnegut were still with us, he would slap me across the head for using one of these ;

What he probably did not consider is that sometimes when you go to college for music, you have to prove to the world that you know where certain things like semicolons belong.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;; ;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Long-winded post: band sounds great. we are hungry to play. will you listen to us?


Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Pressings on the way....

The Etchings Sketchings and
Nick Randall Twenty Miles Out are currently en route to Buffalo.