Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Travesties of Modern Living

The Etchings forgot about blogs for a long time. Sorry. In that time, we've managed to write three new songs, and we're gearing up for some more shows coming in the fall. As it turns out, the Summer is not our season.

No, no one in the band has been preoccupied with solo projects. In fact, we as a group frown upon such things. We don't allow each other to do anything outside of the band- smooth, being a stunt man.

We can't control everything, though we try.... though we try. It has been a long summer, and the blue corn moon has been on the rise. We have tried to paint with all the colors of the wind, but so far we only have cerulean.

In layman's terms, we have new songs, the old songs sound better, and we have shows coming soon. If you've been tuning out on a regular basis, be sure to download our Sketchings EP from iTunes, and see us play live any chance you get. Or you will be full of regret.

We are sweaty. We are ready. We will see you soon.



Ben's turn:

Many of the things Nick is saying are true. The Blue corn moon is, in fact, out in full form. We've got three new tunes that will melt your face off, and our old/still pretty new songs are sounding better than ever. We do have a show coming up, I promise... but our handlers wont let us release the details just yet. Also, some of the things Nick said are not true. Jesse has been working on a project called "The Sleepy Sparrows" and I have been working on a project called "stuck at sea" and rocco has been playing at stillwater... but, mainly, we as a band want you to pay attention to The Etchings because it is painting with all the colors of the wind. Goodnight.

Love Ben.

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